Analysis of the online loans

In terms of costs, Verly Loan is not very good – you have to admit that there are some cheaper offers on the market. The advantage is the quick time of receiving money if you have a bank account in one of the following banks: Alior, Getin, PKO BP – then it takes about 15 minutes after a positive decision . A summary is on

The probability of receiving a positive loan is relatively high.

For data verification, Verly Loan uses the INSTANTOR system, which aims to speed up the process and eliminates the need for the customer to make a verification transfer. Traditional verification (transfer) is also available.

Conditions for granting a loan in Verly Loan

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On the Verly Loan website you can find the lender’s criteria that you must meet to get a loan. Here are the most important of them:

When examining a loan application over usd 5,000, the company may also ask you to show a document confirming receipt of remuneration, retirement or disability pension (e.g. certificate of earnings, bank statement for the last 3 months, ZUS form RMUA, decision on granting or indexing a retirement benefit or disability pension, etc.).

In the case of Verly Loan, you should appreciate the wide range of choice of amounts and installments . The table below shows examples of borrowing costs depending on the loan amount and time (the first amount in the cell is the monthly installment, the second is the total sum to be repaid). The costs were slightly reduced after the changes to the regulations regarding the non-bank loans market on March 11, 2016.

How to get a loan in Verly Loan?

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The process boils down to several steps: first, after switching to the Verly Loan website ( link below ) we have a loan calculator at our disposal – we provide the amount we want to borrow and set the installment amount, and the system provides the number of months (installments) with the assumed data on an ongoing basis .

When we have selected the appropriate amounts, we go to step two – click ” I want a loan ” at the bottom of the calculator, then we will be transferred to the registration form (or login if we already have a customer account in Verly Loan), then the system will ask us to provide our data (personal, on employment etc.) and verification will take place.

After successful completion, we will receive a decision regarding our application – in the event of a positive examination, a transfer to our bank account will be ordered immediately.